Comprehensive Consultation

The first step is just as important as the dental implant process itself, the consultation with Dr. Ajmo and his team. During the consultation, Dr. Ajmo will thoroughly examine the conditions of your mouth and oral health to best determine the route to take in replacing your tooth or teeth. Whether you need a single tooth replacement or full-arch teeth replacement, Dr. Ajmo has the means to transform your unappealing grin to a brighter and healthier smile.

Your Smile Transformation

PGA Dentistry has leading-edge technology that helps Dr. Ajmo to diagnose and treat oral conditions while providing a beautiful smile that is also completely functional. When we say functional, we mean that there are no diet restrictions so our patients can easily eat whatever foods that they love and enjoy them without worrying about their implants shifting around and coming loose. Dental implants also improve your oral health by preventing decay from affecting the rest of your real teeth among many other health and beauty benefits.

During the consultation, Dr. Ajmo will take the time to check and see if you are eligible for dental implants by looking at your jawbone and gums for sufficient support. If either the jawbone or gums are compromised, there may be a need for bone grafting or soft tissue augmentation. Our 3D CT Scan technology is a great technological asset that is designed to be a safer and much more efficient method than the traditional CT scan.

Cone Beam technology focuses energy directly into the treatment area while lowering your radiation exposure by 200 times. A lead apron covers your entire body for ultimate protection while the scan rotates 360 degrees around your head to take 30 images of your upper and lower jaws. This is so we can observe your oral condition from each and every angle to create a treatment plan for you and to come up with the best solution for your oral health. The circular motion of the scan allows us to take precise measurements of volume, density, structure, and shape of your jawbone for perfectly fitting custom dental implants that will last a lifetime.


We are one of few offices in the Palm Beach area that offers this type of technology for the best fitting dental implants. Our dedicated team and staff strive to surpass your expectations in order to gain your trust in our work because the time and investment made in our office for your health is worth it. Dr. Ajmo’s expertise and technology can also be applied to implant-supported dentures, mini dental implants, dental implant restoration, and more! Contact us today for your complimentary consultation with Dr. Ajmo and the team at PGA Dentistry to learn more about how dental implants can better you and your health.

Complimentary Consultation or 2nd Opinion

- Exam
- Full Mouth X-Ray
- Digital Smile Imaging
- Private Consultation with Doctor ($350value)