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Stop Ignoring the Signs, Jaw Pain Relief is Possible

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Providing Relief Through TMJ Therapy

TMJ disorder has a wide range of painful associated symptoms. This common condition affects the temporomandibular joints at either side of the jaw. All too often, patients treat this condition as little more than an annoyance, using over-the-counter pain medication. Unfortunately, ignoring TMJ disorder can result in worsening symptoms and impaired jaw function.

Common Symptoms of TMJ Disorder

  • Headaches or migraines
  • Earaches or chronic ringing of the ears, called tinnitus
  • Difficulty opening or closing your mouth all the way
  • Clicking or popping sounds emanating from the jaw when you open your mouth
  • Frequent discomfort localized around the jaw, temples, or the side of your face
  • Unexplained neck or shoulder pain that you can’t attribute to a specific injury
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Our Approach to Treating TMJ

Malocclusion (a misaligned bite), unmanaged stress or anxiety, a traumatic injury, or degenerative disorder can disrupt the delicate balance of bones, tendons, cartilage, nerves, and/or muscles surrounding the TMJ muscle. As part of your routine dental checkup, our doctors will use a variety of diagnostic techniques to check the TMJ muscle for proper function. TMJ dysfunction is one of the most pervasive oral health problems we encounter, so our team has received extensive training in treating the disorder to help improve patients’ quality of life. If we diagnose you with TMJ disorder, we may prescribe a mouth or night guard, also known as an occlusal splint, to correct the issue.

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This device will be custom-designed to fit your mouth and will address your unique condition. The pain associated with TMJ disorder usually derives from tense, overstressed craniofacial muscles caused by poor occlusion (how your top and bottom teeth meet). Before designing your oral splint, our doctors will first determine the ideal physiologic rest position of your jaw, where the muscles controlling the TMJ will no longer be overstressed and painful. Worn primarily at night, your appliance can help the craniofacial muscles relax. In addition, your appliance will protect your teeth from the wear caused by teeth grinding, or bruxism, a very common condition affecting TMJ sufferers. In some cases, the severity of TMJ disorder may call for the help of a specialist.

Managing Your TMJ Symptoms

If we diagnose you with TMJ disorder, we will also provide you with expert advice on managing your symptoms. Suggestions may include:

  • Using warm and cool compresses to relive pain
  • Restricting your diet to softer foods and cutting food into smaller pieces
  • Practicing stress relief techniques, such as yoga, meditation, and regular exercise
  • Dietary changes, like reducing your intake of caffeine and simple sugars
  • Stopping habits that exacerbate the problem, such as chewing gum, ice, or fingernails
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If You Are Suffering From TMJ Disorder, Take The First Step Toward Pain Relief And Contact Us Today.

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