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Frequently Asked Questions About Teeth Next Day®

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What is Teeth Next Day®?

It can be an embarrassing situation, being afraid to smile because of your missing teeth. Whether it was from an accident, a disease, or other means, gaps in your smile can often lead to a lack of confidence, anti-socializing, or in some cases even depression. Traditional dental implants are often the solution to not only fill the gap in your smile, but also improve your oral health and restore that confidence. However, Teeth Next Day® offers the same benefits with the added bonus of having a brand-new smile within one day after implant surgery, hence the name, Teeth Next Day. If you’re missing multiple teeth, have advancing periodontal disease, are suffering with failing dental work and are tired or using dentures or other means to fill the void, then look to Teeth Next Day for a quick restorative solution that in most cases will last a lifetime.

The Teeth Next Day Advantage

Unlike dentures or dental bridges, Teeth Next Day implants are permanent, just like traditional dental implants. There’s virtually no risk of the Implant Bridge becoming loose or detached, so you can talk and eat with confidence once more. The goal of Teeth Next Day is to look and feel just like your natural teeth, with all the normal bite strength and oral health that comes with it. Teeth Next Day are also guaranteed to last for a lifetime. Dentures and dental bridges eventually need replacing every few years due to general wear and tear. Since they are permanent fixtures and also made of durable zirconia, they can endure much more and last longer. Each implant is also crafted with care and hand-stained by our team at PGA Dentistry, lending to the genuine appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions About Teeth Next Day

Many of our patients in Palm Beach Gardens, FL with one or more missing teeth have investigated dental implants as possible tooth restoration. PGA Dentistry is proud to offer Teeth Next Day® – a full range of dental implants that you can receive the Next Day instead of several months. With our busy lives, many of our patients have found Teeth Next Day to be very advantageous.

The major difference between the two types of tooth replacement procedures lies in the timeline and final product. For traditional dental implants, and depending on the number of implants you need, the process and osseointegration can take anywhere from four to six months. Not all patients have the luxury of that many visits, and so may opt for Teeth Next Day for a process that lasts two days or less. In terms of appearance, dental implants are individual implants that are embedded in the jawbone and support only one implant. With Teeth Next Day, multiple teeth can be replaced with one large implant anchor. The weight of the large implant is distributed over four to six implants instead of one for each tooth.

Teeth Next Day is exclusively offered at PGA Dentistry! Dr. Ajmo is the only dental implant surgeon in South Florida that can perform the advanced procedure called Teeth Next Day. We have a specialized lab here in our office where we construct the Teeth Next Day implant and craft it to your uniqueness. Having undergone extensive training and keeping up to date with the latest procedural techniques, Dr. Ajmo is well-experienced in this type of dental implant treatment. We have a host of satisfied patients, as well as a Before-and-After gallery to peruse at your leisure.

Generally, the best candidates for Teeth Next Day are those who want to improve the quality of their lives and are suffering with serious dental problems. Many of our patients who obtained Teeth Next Day implants in our Palm Beach Gardens, FL office did so because of extensive dental problems, multiple missing teeth, failing dental work or trouble with removable dentures. Candidates are generally missing multiple teeth, may be suffering from the results of a periodontal disease, or have found dentures or removable partial dental bridges to be inconvenient. However, it is worth noting that if you are currently being plagued by a periodontal disease or major dental problems, please contact us to schedule a consultation with us. We understand that each patient’s case is unique, and Dr. Ajmo’s extensive experience has given him the knowledge to distinguish the best course of action for each patient’s condition.

We use 3D CT Scan Technology for each Teeth Next Day candidate. While many patients are told “you don’t have enough bone for dental implants”, we routinely find the vast majority of patients seen actually do have enough bone for teeth next day. With 3D CT Scans, we can determine exactly where you have adequate bone and what size implants we can place in your jaws to support your new teeth and smile. 3D Ct Scans show us precisely how much bone you have in 3 dimensions. The scans also show precisely where the sinuses are and where vital nerves are located.

In order to qualify for dental implants or Teeth Next Day, it’s also important to have sufficient bone or gum tissue to support the implants. In some cases, patients wait too long after losing their teeth before seeking a solution, which can cause the jawbone to weaken or even collapse. If there is insufficient bone growth, a bone graft procedure may be recommended. A bone graft involves using bone bank sources of freeze-dried bone and applying it to the area where the implant will be placed. Thanks to the latest in bone grafting technology, the graft can be applied before or even simultaneously during the initial implant surgery. If it’s the case that a patient has insufficient gum tissue to support the implants, a similar procedure called a gum graft may be recommended. A healing period then takes place. In both bone and gum grafts, the applied bone or tissue is instrumental in encouraging bone or gum growth. Dental implants, including Teeth Next Day, need that stability to perform at their best and enhance their longevity.

When it comes to your oral health, accept no substitutes. We understand if our Palm Beach Gardens, FL patients feel hesitant about the price of Teeth Next Day® dental implants, but we proudly offer many financing options to alleviate that burden. Also, our patients have found that the benefits of Teeth Next Day implants far outweigh any shortcomings they had about the price.

We accept many payment methods for our patients here in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. The most common financing options we accept are also major dental insurance providers, CareCredit, Springstone Financial and {Proceed Finance plans. We accept major dental insurance providers, which can cover procedures according to your policy coverage. Please check your policy to understand what can or cannot be covered in regards to our Teeth Next Day procedure.

During the Teeth Next Day procedure itself, Dr. Ajmo will administer IV sedation. With IV sedation, you can relax in the chair and won’t be able to recall the procedure. Dr. Ajmo can adjust the concentration through the IV to ensure that you remain calm and relaxed through the procedure.

Are you ready to take the first step in transforming your smile?

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