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A life-Changing Smile is Possible

Have you ever looked into the mirror and your first disappointment was the appearance of your teeth? You can see that a few teeth may be crooked, or your gums are uneven. Some old dental work looks unsightly and stained and your overall smile looks dingy making you look older. When damage or decay lead to the collapse of your teeth, a chain reaction begins; first your bite collapses, which causes your chin, nose, and lips to collapse on each other. Opening your bite and reconstructing your smile’s structure will restore the aesthetics of your face and keep you looking as young as you feel and more confident than ever.

In any case, you’re starting to smile less and it’s starting to wear you down. Smiling less leaves you with reduced self-confidence, especially in public or when meeting new people. You’re not alone. In fact, studies have shown that almost a third of adults agreed that one thing they would fix about themselves is their teeth and smile. Well, now there’s a solution for our Palm Beach Gardens, FL patients with Dr. Ajmo’s smile design procedures at PGA Advanced Dentistry, including porcelain veneers, cosmetic porcelain crowns, laser gum contouring and teeth whitening. With a new smile design, the effects are nearly instantaneous, so you can restore your teeth to the pearly likeness of years ago. A smile design will make you feel better about your smile, look more youthful and improve your morale. It’s also great for patients who have crowded teeth and don’t want to go through years wearing braces.

"When I go anywhere I can smile and feel comfortable"

Your Customized Plan

During your first visit to our practice, Dr. Ajmo will sit down with you to discuss your options and goals during a one-on-one consultation. This initial appointment will involve taking photographs of your mouth and face, collecting information about your expectations and desires of your new smile design, then organizing a customized treatment plan created just for you. Dr. Ajmo strives to produce outstanding aesthetic results with metal-free restorations and the highest quality materials.

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Qualifications for Smile Design

The best candidates for smile designs such as porcelain veneers, gum contouring or teeth whitening usually have fair oral health and habits. If you’re suffering from bite issues, facial collapse or other debilitating dental flaws, then smile design may be for you. Patients with tooth decay, fillings, crowns or heightened tooth sensitivity should consult with us about what treatments or additional procedures would be best for them. Tooth decay or gum disease can be treated as part of a smile design procedures. We treat gum disease before starting the actual cosmetic smile design process as all surrounding tissues must be pink and healthy. Tooth decay is always removed during the smile design process so the final porcelain restorations will be totally supported by strong caries-free teeth. Our goal is to make sure your teeth and gums are healthy and your teeth look great so you can feel good about showing off your gorgeous new smile design.

Common Treatments of a Smile Design

Each of our smile design patients benefits from a unique, completely customized treatment plan, based on his or her individual goals and needs. Dr. Ajmo is an expert in reconstructive and cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, and dental sedation. He performs each treatment in the comfort of his Palm Beach Gardens office to make your smile design experience convenient and comfortable while putting you on the path to a winning smile. A smile design is often performed before or after plastic surgery to complete your new and improved look. Restoring the form and function of your teeth will help ensure the quality of your surgical results.

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For patients who want to cover crooked teeth, dark stains or other cosmetic issues, porcelain veneers may be for you. Veneers are essentially tooth shaded porcelain laminates that are adhered over the teeth to cover these cosmetic flaws. We also recommend applying veneers for patients who have found that tooth whitening may not be working for them.

Veneers have a few distinct advantages over bonding or whitening gels. Porcelain veneers are translucent, reflecting a small amount of light through them, giving you a brighter smile that looks naturally beautiful. Veneers are stain-resistant and exhibit long-lasting strength that can’t be found with resin dental bonding material.

While porcelain veneers may cost a bit more than traditional tooth whitening or bonding, our Palm Beach Gardens, FL patients have been satisfied with the cost-effectiveness of the veneers altogether. The brightness and longevity of the veneers greatly improves a person’s smile, giving them confidence around loved ones and when meeting new people.

PGA Advanced Dentistry offers a variety of porcelain veneers to fit the budget and comfort of each individual patient.

E.Max® porcelain veneers are thin but durable, and still maintain an admirable level of strength and resilience. Empress® Porcelain veneers are more translucent than the E.Max® veneers, allowing them to appear more dazzling. They are a bit more delicate with then E.Max® veneers, however our patients have found that both E.Max® and Empress® porcelain veneers offer a vibrant, healthy smile. For more information about the types of porcelain veneers we offer, schedule a consultation with us today.

Emax dental crowns

Cosmetic porcelain crowns are made of the same E.Max® and Empress® porcelains as our porcelain veneers, but offer a strong restoration for teeth that were previously crowned, have large fillings or are fractured, cracked or broken. Whereas veneers cover the front surface of the teeth with porcelain, cosmetic porcelain crowns completely wrap the teeth both front and back in porcelain. Cosmetic porcelain crowns are frequently used to replace old dental work, artificial appearing crowns or teeth with large fillings, leaving a person with a more natural appearing smile. Whereas most crowns used to be made with a metal substructure which looked unnatural, metal-free cosmetic porcelain crowns are very strong and durable, and when performed by an expert, will look natural and healthy for decades.

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Here at PGA Advanced Dentistry, we pride ourselves on utilizing the latest technology for our patients, including laser dentistry. For some of our patients, they’ve found their gums are uneven, sometimes even covering a portion of their teeth. Having an even gumline is as aesthetically pleasing as having white teeth symmetry is believed to be beautiful. For smile designing, we often use small lasers to reduce or reshape the appearance of your gums. This conservative procedure is called laser gum contouring and is often performed simultaneous to a smile design or smile makeover. With laser dentistry, we can alleviate that awkward gumline, removing the excess gums from your teeth and sculpting it into the appearance that you want. This will give your bright teeth the attention they deserve, like an attractive frame around a painting.

teeth whitening Teeth whitening options are very commonly heard in commercials, on toothpaste tubes, and even in our dental office. We offer professional teeth whitening for our patients to help eliminate stains from life’s wear and tear, such as foods, beverages, certain medications, poor oral care or smoking. Brighter smiles will garner a second glance, and bring out the more attractive, youthful side to your smile. Whitening is a quick, at-home procedure using bleaching gel in a custom tray to restore your teeth to their once bright and white state. The process involves using a whitening solution in a mouth tray and wearing it for the length of time we’ve instructed. While most teeth bleaching systems can cause tooth sensitivity over time, at home bleaching method allows you to control how long you keep bleaching, so you can stop bleaching before sensitivity becomes uncomfortable.

Combined Treatments to Maximize Results

Dr. Ajmo and our friendly staff at PGA Dentistry understand that each and every patient is truly unique, and this includes their smiles too. Every unique smile also needs a unique plan when it comes to using smile design procedures to achieve that perfect look. For those who may need multiple procedures, Dr. Ajmo’s extensive experience has allowed him to uncover the best combinations to ensure his Palm Beach Gardens, FL patients have that winning smile. If you’re suffering from discoloration, cracks, crookedness, or other flaws in your teeth, we have listed a few of the common combined procedures that have been the most successful for our patients.

Cost of Smile Design Treatments

A smile design, as is any improvement to your health or your happiness, is an investment in your quality of life and well-being. Our knowledgeable and helpful team members can discuss payment and financing options with you to make sure you are informed and ready to move forward with your makeover. We understand that our Palm Beach Gardens, FL patients would be concerned with the price of a procedure. We gladly accept many major payment methods, and work hard with your insurance provider to give you the most economical procedure possible for your budget. What’s important to note is that smile design procedures are a one-time investment for a long-lasting, bright smile. PGA Dentistry understands that our Palm Beach Gardens, FL patients would be concerned with the cost of these procedures. 

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We strongly believe that the cost of a procedure should not deter a patient from achieving their dream smile, and we work hard to give you the most affordable treatment possible. We proudly offer many financing options and assistance at our establishment, as well as accept Proceed Finance, CareCredit® and Springstone Financial plans. The cost of smile design procedures will vary depending on the type of procedure and if any additional procedures are needed. What’s important to note is that every procedure is an investment, and our treatments are guaranteed to be cost-effective and long-lasting to prolong that beautiful smile for a lifetime.

Financing Options for Low Monthly Payments!

PGA Dentistry in Palm Beach Gardens, FL accepts a variety of payment methods, including all major credit cards, check or debit payments. We also accept Proceed Finance, CareCredit and Springstone Financial plans.

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Combined Smile Makeover Treatments

The road to a confident and pleasing smile can be fraught with uncertainty without research. We encourage all our current and new patients to educate themselves about the procedures they are interested in, even before coming in to visit. Below we have listed the most frequently asked questions that our patients in Palm Beach Gardens, FL have asked. If you still have more questions, feel free to contact our office and we’d be happy to assist you.

It’s difficult to feel happy and expressive if your smile has flaws like crooked teeth, unsightly stains or cracks on the surface that can dampen the demeanor of any patient. If excessive wear and tear on your teeth has caused your bite to suffer, your face to collapse, or your confidence to drop while having overall good oral health, you may be a candidate for a smile design. At PGA Dentistry, we strive to offer the best treatments available for our Palm Beach Gardens, FL patients. The first step towards any procedure is to consult with us about the condition of your oral health and what procedures would be best for you. Smile designs are customized to you, making your smile even more bright and genuine. Our team can replace your old, outdated dental work and metal fillings, reconstruct your bite from the top to bottom, and make your smile shine like new again.

Smile design procedures are primarily for aesthetic purposes, turning those discolored, chipped, cracked, or diseased teeth into bright, shining rows of pearly-whites. Most adults have found that an improved set of teeth has given them a renewed confidence in themselves. They also offer many psychological benefits as well, such as decrease in depression or unhappiness with your appearance, and an increase in confidence.

PGA Dentistry specializes in both cosmetic and restorative procedures. For smile design cosmetic procedures, we offer cosmetic porcelain veneers, cosmetic porcelain crowns, teeth whitening, and gum contouring.

Porcelain veneers are essentially porcelain-white laminates that are adhered to the fronts of the teeth. They are thin and allow the light to pass through, creating a brilliant and beautiful smile. Teeth whitening involves using bleach gel and bleach lights to carefully whiten your teeth, ridding any discolorations and leaving your teeth as white as eggshells.

After a consultation with Dr. Ajmo, there is a chance that he could recommend more than one procedure, depending on the current condition of your oral health. We understand that each of our patients is unique, and our team of experts are very experienced with planning and performing combined procedures.

How much does each procedure cost? The total cost of a smile design will vary depending on a few factors such as the condition of the patient’s oral health, how many procedures will be needed, and any supplemental materials that may be required. Our mission is to never keep a patient from achieving their dream smile due to worries about the cost of a procedure. We proudly accept many payment methods, as well as offer many financing options to fit the budget of any patient. We also work closely with Proceed Finance, CareCredit and Springstone Financial plans.

Candidates for smile design procedures may range from good oral health to really bad dental conditions. It’s expected that your teeth may not be in the best order if you are seeking cosmetic smile design procedures, however patients who have extensive damage or multiple missing teeth may need additional restorative procedures simultaneous to the cosmetic changes that they seek.

Restorative dentistry is dedicated to restoring damaged or missing teeth with the use of crowns, implants, bridgework or dentures. While cosmetic procedures are purely aesthetic on the surface level, restorative procedures are meant to replace or repair the entire tooth.

For example, let’s take the difference between porcelain veneers and crowns. Porcelain veneers are pure tooth shaded coverings that are bonded to the front of the tooth. They eliminate any discoloration, cracks, or slight crookedness in a tooth and are almost purely cosmetic. Cosmetic porcelain crowns are designed to “restore” or repair a fractured or broken tooth back to its ideal form and shape. Cosmetic porcelain crowns are also used to replace older porcelain to metal crowns that usually end up looking artificial.

Are you ready? Let us design your perfect smile today!

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