Sedation Dentistry FAQ

At PGA Dentistry we’re happy to assist you in answering questions about your dental procedure, our office, and more. However, we’ve noticed that when it comes to sedation dentistry, we’ve often received the same questions from multiple patients in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Below we’ve listed the more common questions we’ve gotten and have answered them here for your convenience. If you find that your particular question is not here, feel free to contact us and one of us will be happy to take your question.

What is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is a series of sedation techniques administered by a certified sedation dentist to help the patient relax during their procedure or treatments. This can be especially helpful for patients who have a fear of the dentist, dental tools, or must undergo long or complicated dental procedures.

What are my options for sedation?

The range of options for sedation dentistry extend from a relaxant to general anesthesia that renders the patient unconscious for the extent of their procedure.

Oral Conscious Sedation – this method entails one or two pills that are consumed prior to your appointment. It induces relaxation and a sense of calm for the duration of your appointment, but you will need someone to transport you to and from our office due to the effects of the pills.

IV Sedation – IV sedation has similar effects to the oral conscious sedation, with the added bonus of leaving you with no memory of the procedure or appointment.

General Anesthesia – this kind of sedation is generally reserved for those having a significant medical history or for those undergoing more complicated procedures. It will induce a deep sleep in the patient, and you’ll wake up with no memory of the procedure. General Anesthesia is administered by an MD General Anesthesiologist in our facility.

Local Anesthesia – This technique is reserved for “numbing” your teeth and mouth after you are sedated.

How do I know which sedation option is best for me?

Dr. Ajmo is one of the few cosmetic and implant dentists who is certified in sedation dentistry in the all of South Florida and the only one in the Palm Beach Gardens, FL area. If you have a fear of the dentist or want to find out more about sedation options for your dental treatments, we encourage you to contact us to find out which sedation options are best for you. There are a number of factors that patients must qualify for to be candidates for certain sedation dentistry techniques, and Dr. Ajmo will be on hand to walk you through the information of each one.

What sedation option can I use with my dental procedure?

The good news is that sedation dentistry can be used for any and all dental procedures. There may be different sedation options recommended for you depending on the level of anxiety you experience and the length or complication of the procedure.

The main point of concern is the overall health of our patients. Some sedation dentistry techniques may not be right for those who have conflicting medical problems. Dr. Ajmo is a highly-trained sedation dentist and will ensure that we find the best and safest sedation dentistry option that works for you and your body.

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Now that you’ve heard from some general questions, we want to ensure that you can contact us with any questions you may have. Your health and safety is our top priority and we’d be happy to discuss options available. Contact us today to learn more about our sedation dentistry options and schedule a consultation with Dr. Ajmo in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.