If you have been suffering with bad teeth or major dental problems, have failing teeth, failing dental work, missing teeth or are wearing removable complete dentures, you may have been wondering what to do to improve your ability to chew food comfortably, speak clearly and smile again with confidence. The PRETTAU® Zirconia Implant Bridge may just be the solution you’ve been looking for!

No Cracking, Chipping or Staining Like Acrylic.

Broken Teeth

If you are looking for the most esthetic and durable, permanently attached implant supported teeth replacement option, the PRETTAU® Zirconia Implant Bridge is the clear choice! Dr. Ajmo is offering a complementary consultation at PGA Advanced Dentistry located in Palm Beach Gardens. The PRETTAU® Bridge is made of Zirconia, the strongest tooth colored material used in modern implant dentistry. If you’ve been told that an acrylic hybrid bridge (a titanium metal bar covered with pink acrylic and plastic denture teeth) or a metal bar overdenture with plastic teeth are your only options, you should think again. "All-on-4" acrylic implants options can frequently chip, crack, stain and will definitely wear and discolor over time.

The PRETTAU® Bridge has so many advantages over every other tooth replacement option available today. PRETTAU® is made of Zirconia which is totally biocompatible with the human body, It's the strongest dental material available and is tooth colored, so the cosmetic results look totally natural and will last many years.

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Dr. Jay Ajmo will custom design your PRETTAU® Implant Bridge to give you a long lasting beautiful smile that will make you look and feel younger and healthier. There’s no metal to hide and no acrylic or plastic that can stain, crack, chip or break. The clear choice is to replace your teeth with the PRETTAU® Zirconia Bridge, not with acrylic.


Dr. Ajmo provides the Prettau® Bridge, one of today's most advanced partial dentures, at his Palm Beach Gardens practice.

The Latest Technology In Dental Implant Restoration

At PGA Advanced Dentistry, 3D CT Scans are used in the diagnosis and treatment planning for each patient we see for dental implant procedures. This technology allows us to precisely measure the amount of bone available and predictably plan where to place dental implants in your jaws to support your PRETTAU® Bridge. These 3D computerized images provide detailed views of facial structures that allow Dr. Ajmo to design your PRETTAU® Bridge around how your new teeth will fit in your mouth, so you'll have a smile that feels natural and looks healthy. With the PRETTAU® Zirconia Bridge, you'll eat what you want, speak clearly and smile with confidence.

The PRETTAU® Implant Bridge is specially fabricated for Dr. Ajmo by our award winning Dental Lab. Each PRETTAU® Bridge is custom designed and CAD/CAM milled out of solid white Zirconia. Fabrication is to the highest standards for precision fit, long term strength and extremely appealing esthetics. It is then artistically colored and refined by the hands of our master ceramists to give it life-like translucency, color and natural beauty. The final result is truly amazing, encompassing the most advanced technology that’s available in dentistry today.This is the future of dentistry!

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PGA Advanced Dentistry; The Only PRETTAU® Implant Bridge Treatment Center in South Florida and The Palm Beaches. Our practice is one of only a few dental facilities to bring this technology into the USA and the first office in South Florida and Palm Beach County offering it to their patients. Dr. Ajmo’s vast experience in dental implant procedures and cosmetic full mouth reconstruction, supported by our dedicated implant team in our state of the art facility is why patient’s travel to us from all over the USA on a regular basis. We are offering our patients the most naturally esthetic and predictable advancement in dental implant restoration; The PRETTAU® Zirconia Implant Bridge.

Stop the endless cycle of replacing failing dental work, painful root canals, large silver fillings, recurring gum disease, loose teeth and dental infections. The PRETTAU® Zirconia Bridge is a permanent teeth replacement option to replace failing teeth, failing dental work, missing teeth, or dentures. This is the future of dentistry and it’s available now at PGA Advanced Dentistry!


Michelle suffered with dental problems most of her life. She was so ashamed of her teeth she would not smile and often avoided social gatherings. She knew she had to get her mouth restored, but was fearful of the dentist and didn't know where to go or who to trust. She was referred to Dr. Jay Ajmo by a friend and was pleased to find she could have ALL the necessary steps to completely restore her smile in one office under IV Sedation. Michelle now eats, speaks and smiles with confidence.This is life changing!​

Trust Your Smile To An Expert in Implant Dentistry

You’ll feel confident knowing you have a doctor with the advanced skills and experience to properly perform your dental implant surgery and restore your mouth and your smile so you can look and feel your best. Dr. Ajmo has undergone years of post doctorate training in dental implant surgery and restoration by leading institutions in Dental Implantology . He has also undergone specialized training in The PRETTAU® Implant Bridge protocol and routinely performs these procedures for his patients with outstanding results. His goal is to provide his patients with the highest quality advanced dental implant care with their absolute satisfaction in mind.

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