We Offer Different Denture Types

At the PGA Dentistry, Dr. Ajmo offers dentures to patients in Palm Beach Gardens and across the U.S. Different dentures work best for different patients, so Dr. Ajmo will help you a find the right solution for you. We offer contemporary full dentures and partial dentures that are more comfortable, lightweight, and natural looking than previous generations. Dr. Ajmo also has extensive hands-on experience placing and restoring implant dentures, a good option for patients who want to avoid the common issues of denture slippage. Contact us today to learn more.

Traditional Full Dentures

A full denture refers to a dental prosthetic that replaces all of the teeth on either the top dental arch, bottom dental arch, or both arches. Removable full dentures rest on top of the gums and are held in place with a mild denture adhesive. Modern dentures can be fabricated from lightweight acrylic and porcelain. Dr. Ajmo partners with a top-notch dental laboratory where talented technicians construct full dentures, partial dentures, and implant-retained dentures.

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Traditional Partial Dentures

If you are missing a few teeth but still have some of your natural teeth remaining, partial dentures may be an excellent treatment option. Partial dentures fit snugly between remaining natural teeth to complete a full arch. Partials look natural and will allow you to perform daily activities, such as chewing and speaking, normally. In terms of construction, partial dentures bear a close similarity to full dentures: acrylic or porcelain teeth are embedded in a gum-colored base that rests on top of the gum line. Partial dentures can be fixed or removable, and the best option for you will depend on several factors, including the health of your remaining teeth and your goals for treatment.

A Closer Look at Implant-supported Dentures

Drawing on his advanced training in oral surgery, Dr. Ajmo can secure both partial and full dentures to titanium implant posts. These posts are surgically embedded in the jaw, becoming fused with the bone, much like a tooth’s natural root. Implant-supported dentures provide more stability than traditional dentures. Implant dentures will not slip out of place while you are eating or speaking. In addition to their reliability, implant dentures offer a number of other benefits:

  • Improved chewing ability: Although traditional dentures restore some chewing ability, eating certain chewy or crunchy foods continues to present a challenge. Implant-supported dentures increase the wearer’s bite force and, combined with the improved stability of the denture, dramatically improve the ability to chew crunchy or chewy foods.

  • Maintained jawbone health: When you lose a permanent tooth, your body detects the tooth’s absence and halts the flow of nutrients to the area. The bone tissue resorbs into the body, and the jaw around the missing tooth begins to shrink. When Dr. Ajmo places a dental implant, the implant post stimulates the jaw, so the body continues to deliver crucial nutrients to the area, preserving bone density.

  • Longer-lasting replacement teeth. Implant-secured dentures can last well over 10 years, while the implant posts are designed to last a lifetime in a healthy mouth.

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