added on: June 24, 2020
Dental before & after photos - PGA Dentistry in Palm Beach Gardens

Lenny was extremely fearful of the dentist and suffered with advanced periodontal disease. All of his teeth were loose and he knew his periodontal disease was directly linked to heart disease, but he kept it secret so he wouldn’t have to address the problem. His wife encouraged him to finally go to the dentist, so he researched online and found Dr. Ajmo. Lenny wanted the most natural looking and functional teeth he could get. Because Lenny was nervous about the procedure, he also wanted to be sure he would not feel or know anything at all during treatment. After careful consideration, Lenny chose to have Teeth Next Day® performed with IV sedation. His final restoration looks, feels and functions like his real teeth. Now all the disease is eliminated from Lenny’s mouth and he smiles with total confidence.

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