Dental Implant Procedure Timeline

When deciding if dental implants are right for you, it is important to be aware of the time commitment required with the dental implant process. The dental implant process generally takes three to six months, with most of the time devoted to allowing for the healing and recovery of the jawbone. To help you understand what to expect during the treatment timeline, Palm Beach Gardens, FL cosmetic dentist Dr. Jay Ajmo offers this overview of the dental implant process.

Preparing Your Jawbone for Dental Implant Surgery

For our patients in Palm Beach Gardens, dental implants are an excellent way to replace missing teeth. The process begins with a thorough examination. As part of your dental examination, your teeth and jaws will be x-rayed. Before you can receive your dental implant, your jaw must be assessed to ensure there is enough bone to support the implant. For those with insufficient bone, a bone graft can be performed to rebuild the missing bone tissue. The bone graft must heal before the dental implant can be placed; this can take five to nine months. For those needing minor bone grafting, this procedure may be done during the dental implant surgery. Once the jaw is prepared and ready for receiving the dental implant, the implant surgery will be scheduled.

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Receiving the Dental Implant

Placement of the dental implant is done surgically and on an outpatient basis. We perform this treatment in-house.  The implanted titanium post will act as your new tooth root. A temporary denture may be placed for aesthetics and function while your jaw heals.


The next stage of the dental implant treatment is the healing process. During the healing process, the jawbone will bond to the titanium post in a process called osseointegration. Osseointegration may take two to six months.

Abutment Placement

The abutment is what attaches the titanium implant to the new prosthetic tooth. The abutment is sometimes placed during the initial implant procedure, leaving the abutment exposed during the healing process. For those who would rather not have the abutment visible during the healing process, the abutment can be placed later, once the bone has fully healed. If the abutment is placed in a second procedure, the gums will be opened again to access the implant in order to attach the abutment. Once placed, the gums must be allowed to heal for one to two weeks before final step of the dental implant process.

Crown Placement

A replacement tooth, or a crown, is made from impressions taken of your mouth once the gums and jawbone  have healed. The crown will be attached to the abutment and the dental implant process will be completed. If you have multiple implants placed, crowns, bridges, or dentures may be attached to your abutments.

The Dental Implant Process Timeline

The total length of time needed for your dental implant treatment will depend on the state of your jawbone and your ability to heal. Here is a summary of the dental implant treatment timeline:

  • Bone Graft: If a bone graft is needed, you can generally expect to full healing to take five to nine months before your dental implant is placed.
  • Osseointegration: Once the implant is placed, you can expect osseointegration to require two to six months
  • Abutment Placement: If you have the abutment placed in a separate procedure, you will likely need to wait one to two weeks before the crown can be attached.

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