Benefits of Dental Crowns

Benefits of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are a common dental restoration. PGA Dentistry performs countless dental crown treatments per year. However, if you haven’t had a crown before, you may not fully understand their purposes or what they can do for you and your teeth.

During your free, no-obligation consultation, our experienced restorative dentist in Palm Beach Gardens will be happy to talk you through the process of obtaining a dental crown. In the meantime, here is everything that you need to know about the benefits of this popular dental solution.

What are the benefits of dental crowns?

Dental crowns offer patients a number of different benefits. These include the following:

Restore the function of your damaged tooth

We rely on our teeth to enable us to bite and chew our food. Our teeth are also significant in supporting overall health and well-being. Fact is, people who lose their teeth have a shorter life span. If you have a tooth that is badly decayed or damaged, you may not be able to use it in the same way as usual.

You may even be at serious risk of it fracturing beyond repair requiring extraction. However, when you place a dental crown over the top of a damaged tooth, you can protect it from further damage and restore the strength of it so that you can chew properly and maintain alignment of all your teeth.

Dental crowns can restore a tooth that:

  • Has been badly damaged by dental decay

  • Requires support after root canal treatment

  • Have large corroding silver fillings

  • Is severely eroded

  • Is broken or fractured

By placing a dental crown, it is often possible to save the original tooth and avoid the need for an extraction and artificial replacement with a dental implant.

Restore the appearance of your damaged tooth

Everyone wants attractive teeth and a winning smile. However, if you have a tooth that is damaged, decayed, discolored or missing, you will invariably find that it has an effect on the appearance of your smile. Crowns can cover unsightly teeth, hiding stains or discoloration and cracks and chips.

They can also add height and width to teeth that are misshapen or undersized. If you are considering a dental implant for a missing tooth, a dental crown will provide the visible portion of your restoration.


Rhonda had a very narrow upper jaw with dark yellow teeth. She wanted the whitest most brilliant smile possible and a fuller smile to complement her face and reflect her youth. Dr. Ajmo performed laser gum contouring to reshape Ronda's gumline and designed a Complete Smile Lift with Porcelain Veneers. Even though Rhondas' veneers are extremely white, they still have translucencies and contours that look as natural as possible.

Dental crowns are a highly discreet solution

One of the main reasons that crowns can restore the cosmetic appearance of your affected tooth is because each crown is custom-designed for each individual patient. This ensures that it is the right size, shape, and color to blend in naturally with your existing teeth. In fact, when performed by an expert dentist, crowns so closely resemble natural teeth that they blend in with other teeth. This means that the solution is discrete and will have no negative impact on the appearance of your teeth and smile.

Restore confidence with dental crowns

Being unhappy with our smile can have a profound psychological effect. It can cause us to lose confidence in our appearance, and this can affect our willingness to socialize, as well as our personal and work relationships since we might find ourselves feeling too self-conscious to embrace new opportunities at work or go on dates. However, when you restore your smile with crowns, you can feel confident sharing your smile with everyone around you. Your new-found confidence can have a positive effect on the rest of your life.

Dental crowns are a long-lasting solution

Although dental crowns may not last you forever, with proper care and attention both at home and from your dentist, crowns that fit well can last for several decades. This makes it a fantastic investment in both the function and appearance of your smile.

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