The Prettau Bridge

The Prettau Bridge

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October 29, 2012
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If you are missing most or all of your natural teeth, there has never been a better time to seek tooth replacement. While modern implant dentistry has proven to be an exceptional method for replacing multiple teeth, the Prettau Bridge has taken restorative dental work to a new level of efficacy and durability. With the Prettau Bridge, you can replace all of your natural teeth and restore your oral health to its optimal state. Best of all, you will have a fully functional, stunningly beautiful smile that will last a lifetime.

At PGA Center for Advanced Dentistry, South Florida cosmetic dentist Jay L. Ajmo proudly offers the state-of-the-art Prettau Bridge to patients who want to regain all of the advantages of having a full mouth of natural teeth. What makes the Prettau Bridge an unparalleled advance in dental restoration?  Read on to find out.

The Prettau Bridge Difference

The word “permanent” gets thrown around a lot, but even porcelain restorations will eventually require replacement over time. This means that if your dental implants last decades, you will almost certainly have to have your restorations replaced at least once or twice over that span, if not more frequently. The Prettau Bridge, however, is made from Zirconia, the most durable and natural-looking dental material available. Zirconia is highly resistant to staining, chipping, and other damage. Simply stated, Zirconia is the most permanent restoration material that exists.

At our cosmetic dentistry practice in South Florida, dental crowns and dental bridges can be made from a variety of materials, and our professionals are well aware of the properties of each. While porcelain is certainly among the best materials that can be used in dental restorations, we have never worked with a material as durable as Zirconia. This is one of the many reasons that we are excited to offer the Prettau Bridge to our valued patients.

In addition, the Prettau Bridge contains absolutely no toxins and looks more natural than any other type of bridge. It is easier to clean and can easily be customized, using CAD/CAM technology, to complement your unique smile. There is simply no better way to restore your smile than with the Prettau Bridge.

Why PGA Center for Advanced Dentistry?

It is rare to find a dentist with as much experience in all phases of implant dentistry as Dr. Ajmo. While many cosmetic dentists have to refer their patients out for the surgical placement of the dental implant posts, Dr. Ajmo is a certified member of the American Dental Implant Association and a fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. You will benefit from his expert care at every stage of the dental implant process.

It is rarer still to find a dentist who is fully trained in providing patients with the Prettau Bridge. Only an elite group of dentists around the world are able to offer the Prettau Bridge, which further distinguishes our practice in South Florida. Dental bridges of unsurpassed quality are available to residents throughout the region.

Contact Dr. Ajmo Today

To learn more about the world-class Prettau Bridge, we encourage you to contact PGA Center for Advanced Dentistry in South Florida today.

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