Getting your Dental Implant Restored

Getting your Dental Implant Restored

Dental Implants
PGA Dentistry
June 04, 2015
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The service for getting dental implants is available in Palm Beach Gardens and is a highly successful procedure for restoring proper teeth appearance and function. The success rate of dental implantation is 95 to 98 percent. This discussion will deal with the minimal chances of failure of implants and dental implant restoration.

Implant failure can manifest in several ways. The more common manifestations would include loosening of the implants when it should be fixed and stable. This would indicate that the implant has not integrated properly with the bone of the jaw. This fusion of bone with the implant post is called osseointegration. Failure of osseointegration can be caused by several factors. These factors may involve a lack of sufficient bone support or volume, applying pressure on the implant too early, trauma, fracture of the implant, adverse reaction to anesthesia and even infection. Peri-implantitis is another manifestation of implant failure. It can appear as swelling of the tissues surrounding the implant, bleeding of the gum, be felt as pain, or show gradual loss of surrounding bone on x-ray. Peri-implantitis is a form of inflammation and infection. Infection is a complication posed in any surgical procedure especially in bacteria-filled cavities like the mouth. People who are at particular risk for infection are diabetics, those with poor immune status, those with poor oral hygiene and those who smoke. Even rarer forms of implant failure include nerve damage and allergic reactions. Nerve damage can manifest as pain or tingling in the area around the implant. The damage could be temporary or permanent.

Early recognition plays a very crucial role in dental implant restoration. The signs and symptoms of possible implant problems should be reported to your dentist immediately. Antibiotics will be given for signs of infection. Attempts could be made to save the implant especially if the problem was detected early. Otherwise, the implant will need to be removed temporarily. The implant site will be given time to recover. Afterwards, the site will be optimized and made ready for another implant procedure. Optimization of the site may include bone and tissue grafting to allow it to better support the dental implant.

It is prudent for all health providers to inform their patients not only about the benefits of any intervention but of the procedure, risks, and options as well. This is followed by our dental service providers in the Palm Beach Gardens area. Included in the management of dental implant restoration is the prevention of this problem. Communicating with your dentist properly for the planning of your procedures, strict observance of the dentist’s advice and frequent follow up is highly encouraged.

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