Exercise and Smile Rejuvenation Works- Look and Feel Younger!

Exercise and Smile Rejuvenation Works- Look and Feel Younger!

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August 21, 2013
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It’s true that exercise makes us feel younger and more vibrant, and as an added bonus, it also makes us look younger.  Research shows that regular activity affects us on a cellular level, slowing and even reversing, the external and internal effects of time.  Even the simplest exercises, like taking a walk or a casual bike ride, are effective.

Are you sure your smile reflects your youthful spirit? Let us help with simple rejuvenating procedures that can even be done in just a visit or two!

WHITENING:  Dentist-controlled systems are customized for your unique needs and will make natural teeth look their brightest.

REPLACEMENT FILLINGS:  Unsightly silver-colored fillings can be replaced with attractive white composite ones for a healthy, attractive and uniform smile.

VENEERS:  Porcelain veneers can cover the front of stained, damaged and uneven teeth, perfecting their color, shape, appearance, and alignment.

BONDING:  Cover teeth with a beautiful white resin to reshape, repair damage and fill in unattractive gaps.

With exercise and a healthy lifestyle, we can delay the effects of aging.  With modern dentistry, we can always make your smile look as young as you feel!

PGA Dentistry
December 30, 2019

Teeth that look both healthy and attractive are one of the most important and desirable physical attributes of the century so far, and the pressure to obtain a picture-perfect smile is very real. Fortunately, no matter what condition your teeth are in, there are cosmetic dentistry solutions that can help you fin­d your smile again, with porcelain veneers one of the most effective for achieving perfectly shaped, white tee­th.

PGA Dentistry
November 30, 2019

A surprising number of people hate the way that their teeth look, and this affects their ability to smile. Some will even go out of their way to avoid showing their teeth at all, covering their mouth with their hand, avoiding speaking in public and eating in company. Sometimes, our confidence is so adversely affected by the appearance of our teeth that we struggle to make eye contact and have trouble engaging in social situations. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way.

PGA Dentistry
October 31, 2019