3D CT Scan Technology - the future is now in Palm Beach Gardens!

3D CT Scan Technology - the future is now in Palm Beach Gardens!

3d Ct Scan, Palm Beach Gardens
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March 03, 2014
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3D CT Scan Technology - the future is now in Palm Beach Gardens!

One of the most recent changes in the field of dentistry is the extensive use of 3D CT scan technology by dentists in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida and other parts of the US.

What is a CT scan?

Computerized Tomography (A.K.A. CT scan) is the combination of a series of x-ray views to create a cross-sectional image of structures inside the body. The x-ray views are taken from different angles and processed by a computer.

To come up with 3D images, several CT scan images are combined together using a computer. Compared to plain x-rays, CT scan images provide much more information about the area of the body being looked at.

A CT scan can be used to study most body parts. They can be used to study the pelvis, belly, chest, the mouth, the head, the jaw etc.

How is it applied in dentistry?

The 3D CT scan images are well suited for application in the dentistry field. Complex cases of Implant Surgery oftentimes warrant CT-Scan diagnosis. A CT-scan takes a 3D image of the jaws so that the dentist can get the exact size and location of implant placement prior to surgery.  Along with making sure there is enough jaw bone to support implants.

During the CT scan, you are seated in an open area and the CT scanner (a doughnut-shaped machine) moves around your head. The scanner sends X-rays through the jaw providing thin pictures of slices of the jaw.

Unlike an x-ray machine, which sends only one radiation beam, a CT scanner releases a series of narrow beans as it moves through an arc. The data is transmitted from the scanner to a computer, which builds up a 3D cross-sectional image of the jaw. The 3D image is made after many 2D x-ray images around a single axis of rotation. This results to a more detailed 3D image of the jaw.

Differences between MRI and CT scans

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a medical imaging technique that makes use of magnetic field and pulses of radio wave energy to investigate the function and anatomy of the body.

Although both MRI and CT scan are popular medical imaging techniques used by dental specialists in Palm Beach Gardens, they have some differences in functionality, procedure, application, and results.

The following are some of the differences between MRI and CT.

-      An MRI uses magnets and radio waves while a CT scan uses x-rays.

-      A CT scan is better at generating 3D images of the jaw during dentistry works.

-      A CT scan is better for looking at bleeding in the brain, abnormal chest x-rays, pneumonia and cancer.

-      A CT scan is better at visualizing organs in the chest cavity.

-      A CT scan is better at seeing broken bones and vertebrae.

-      With a CT scan, organ tear and organ injury is shown more quickly.

Not many dentists in the Palm Beach Gardens area have embraced this technology which is now considered the gold standard.  Dr. Ajmo is one of the few Cosmetic & Restorative dentist in the area to use this 3D CT Scans for most cases.

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