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The dental implant services rendered in the Boca Raton area is normally done as a staged procedure. This means that it takes more than one visit to complete the procedure. The first visit would entail the placement of the implant screw or implant post. The post is placed within the bone and buried under the gums.  At the time of the next visit, the post has an abutment attached to it. An abutment is a metal piece that connects the post to the prosthetic tooth crown. Some procedures would combine the placement of the post and the abutment at the same time. The final stage would entail the setting of the crown over the implant post. The time it takes for the stages to be completed normally takes anywhere from three to six months.
Why does the process of dental implantation take several months to complete? This is because the titanium implant post is given enough time to osseointegrate. Osseointegration is a very important step in dental implantation.  It is the fusion of the titanium implant with the surrounding bone. The titanium and bone become one solid structure without any inflammatory or granulation tissue in between. This makes the implant strong and stable. So from the time the implant post is set in the bone to the time the crown is set on top of the implant, this whole structure is protected from the force exerted by biting and chewing. Only when osseointegration is considered complete is the crown set on the post. At this point, the implant can withstand the rigorous activities of eating. Any disruption in this period of healing may cause the dental implant to improperly heal and fail eventually.
The use of osseointegration in dental medicine is attributed to the work of Per-Ingvar Branemark of Sweden. Branemark was the first person to use dental implants on a human patient. He was also the person to label this phenomenon as osseointegration. Foreign bodies such as metals introduced to human and animal tissues are normally covered by inflammatory tissues over time. Titanium reacts differently in bone. The bones integrate the titanium in such a way that beyond 12 weeks the titanium is almost impossible to separate from bone. Experimental studies in animals showed that attempts to remove the titanium form the bones at 16 weeks would result to fractures instead.
Dental implantation is a procedure done in the Boca Raton area with the patient’s utmost benefit in mind. For this reason, proper healing physiology is observed during the whole time. This optimizes the resources used in the operation and produces the best results for tooth restoration.



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