Tooth Decay, Palm Beach Gardens - Options of Decaying Teeth
Any good dentist would advise you that prevention is the best form of management for tooth decay. It is very effective management indeed if you never have to deal with it in the first place! When it does occur, however, you don’t give the tooth burial or cremation services. Instead, the first option given for tooth decay is dental restoration. In Palm Beach Gardens, decayed teeth are preserved as much as possible. Familiarization with the available treatment options for tooth decay can help you in weighing your options and in availing the proper dental services in Palm Beach Gardens. 
As there are different stages of severity for tooth decay, so are there appropriate therapies to deal with this problem. The outermost layer of the tooth is enamel. The enamel can developed a cavity due to dental carries. Infected material should be removed from this cavity. The cavity can afterwards be filled with a dental filling. There are different kinds of filling materials each with a different quality, examples include the metallic colored amalgams and the tooth colored composites. Gold is also another type of filling material. It is one of the most durable and long lasting filling materials for teeth. Gold is used as inlays or onlays. Inlays or onlays are used to fill more extensive losses of tooth tissue. They can even be used to replace the biting surfaces of teeth. The damaged tooth surface can also be covered with a crown. A crown is usually made out of a combination of metals such as titanium and porcelain. The crown is bonded using dental cement and is used to cap or cover or encircle the top of the tooth.
When decay has reached as far as the tooth pulp, a root canal treatment is usually necessary. This treatment removes the infected nerves, blood vessels and other soft tissues that are located within the root canal and replaces it with filling material. All these therapies already mentioned are forms of dental restoration. They are done to maintain the structural integrity, functionality and normal appearance of teeth.
In cases where restoration is not possible or it is not beneficial, other treatment options are available. The tooth can be extracted and replaced with prosthetic materials such as an implant or a bridge can be used. A bridge permanently attaches one or more artificial teeth to the adjacent teeth or implants. Missing teeth can also be replaced with dental implants. These treatment options have the same goal as dental restoration which is to maintain oral capacity for digestion and provide you with a good smile.



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