Dental Crown, Jupiter - Dental Crown FAQ
Like the jeweled crown that is set on the king’s head, a dental crown is likewise set on top of the tooth. The dental crown is a form of prosthesis. A prosthesis is an artificial device that is used to replace or augment a missing part of the body. The crown is used to completely cap or encircle the tooth. It is also used to cap dental implants. Crowning the tooth is a form of dental restoration. It is meant to restore the proper anatomy of the tooth, its functional capacity and aesthetics. The tooth may need restoration for various reasons. The tooth may be decayed or have a large cavity requiring reconstruction of the top portion.  The tooth may be fractured due to trauma. The tooth may not allow for veneer restoration like in cases of abnormal occlusion of teeth or bruxism, the unconscious and frequent grinding of teeth.
In Jupiter, Florida, getting a dental crown is easy and typically fits most budgets. The procedure involves first preparing the tooth that needs a crown. If decayed, infected material inside the tooth will be debrided. Very little normal tooth tissue may also be removed to properly fit the crown. A dental impression of the prepared tooth is then made. This dental impression is used as a model to fabricate the dental crown. The crown is fabricated using the indirect technique. This means that the procedure is done outside of the mouth since it is time consuming and requires intense heat. There are many materials used in the fabrication of dental crowns. Once the crown is completed it is secured to the tooth or implant using dental cement. Crowns assume the function of the tooth surface it replaces and can perform the grinding action of the molars, the shearing action of the incisors, and the tearing action of the canines or cuspids. Setting the crown in place may sometimes require a bridging procedure. This procedure attaches prosthetic teeth to adjacent teeth or implants. The whole process of setting a crown may take one to two weeks. You may be fitted with a temporary crown on the initial visit. Once the permanent crown has been completed, it will be set in place on the next visit.
These discussions give you brief answers to what crowns are, what is it used for, when is it necessary and how the procedure is done. A dental consultation in Jupiter, Florida is all you need to have this procedure done in a timely and sound fashion. 



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