Tooth Extraction, Stuart - When is a tooth extraction necessary?
Some things are naturally unavoidable. Aging is unavoidable and we all wish we could pause it at one point or another. Getting sick is unavoidable. We grimace at the thought of going through such discomfort. Discussing tooth extraction may seem uncomfortable but there are times when it is both unavoidable and necessary.
In the Stuart, Florida area the ideal management for problematic teeth is still preservation. There are situations, however, when preservation is not beneficial and the tooth needs to be extracted. The majority of cases which require exodontics, or the removal of teeth from its socket on the alveolar bone, is still attributable to tooth decay. Despite the fact that advances in dental technology and heightened oral health awareness has greatly reduced the incidences of dental carries, tooth decay has not been eliminated. The factors which favor its development are still part of our normal physiologic process. Tooth extraction is usually considered for teeth that cannot be restored. This may also happen in severe cases of tooth infection.
The following situations are other common reasons for tooth extraction.  An impacted wisdom tooth may need to be removed. This could be indicated if the impacted tooth persistently causes pain or causes crowding of the teeth. Crowding of the teeth is also a reason for tooth extraction in orthodontics. The teeth may not be diseased but needs to be removed to give room for the teeth to set into their proper place. In these cases, the bicuspids are most often extracted. Aside from wisdom teeth, other teeth may also develop abnormally. They can be malformed, impacted or buried in bone thus necessitating removal.  Supernumerary or excessive number of teeth may need to be reduced. The extra teeth may again cause crowding, malocclusion, pain or undesirable appearance. Lastly, dental implantation requires that the original tooth, or what remains of it, be removed and replaced with an implant.
There are less common reasons to have a tooth extracted. Severe trauma to the tooth or its supporting structures can occur. A very advanced case of periodontal disease may render the area unable to hold the tooth in place. A denture may be required and several isolated teeth may adversely affect the fit of the dentures. Some infected teeth may have the option of preservation yet pose a high risk to a patient’s condition. Such is the situation in cases where patients have heart valve replacements, prosthetic implants or are undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy. In these situations, it may be better to undergo tooth extraction.
It is understandable that over time, some teeth may require removal. The goal of this procedure is to eliminate the risk of infection and maintain the functionality and attractive appearance of teeth. It is an affordable and pain free procedure in Stuart, Florida.



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