Periodontist, Delray Beach - What is a Periodontist?
You cannot have teeth without the supporting structures around it. The gums AKA gingiva, cementum, periodontal ligament, and alveolar bone are also very important. Cementum is a calcified connective substance while the periodontal ligament is a fibrous tissue which attaches the tooth firmly to the alveolar bone. These structures keep the teeth in place. The branch of dentistry which specializes in these supporting structures is Periodontology, from the Greek word Peri which means around and Odonto which means tooth.
Periodontology requires another three years of training after graduating from dental school. A board certification from the American Academy of Periodontology is required to become a registered periodontist in the Delray Beach area. They specialize in managing conditions of the periodontal tissues and in performing tooth implants.
Problems of periodontal tissues include diseases, injury, and abnormal development. The majority of periodontal diseases are caused by the effects of bacterial plaques combined with inflammation and other host factors. The end result is the loss of tissues of the gum, bone, and tooth. These results can be prevented or treated by a periodontist. Other causes of periodontal disease include viral and fungal infection. Herpes simplex is the most common viral infection of the mouth and produces oral sores. Candidiasis is the most common fungal infection in immunocompromised patients. Injury to the periodontal tissues may be caused by vehicular, sports-related or any other kind of accident. Abnormal development includes cases of impacted tooth and a gummy smile. A gummy smile means that a person shows excessive gums when smiling. These are the cases that a periodontist specializes in.
A periodontist also performs complex and specialized dental procedures. These include dental implantation, periodontal surgery for impacted teeth, debridement of infected root tissue, and several functional and cosmetic periodontal operations. The tunneling procedure allows for coverage of an exposed root due to loss of gingival tissues through graft placement. The graft protects the exposed root and improves the denuded appearance of the gums. Correction of a gummy smile can be done through crown lengthening or the removal of excess gum tissue, through a lip lowering procedure, or through a labial frenectomy which adjusts the attachment of the upper lips with the gums. These are some of the procedures done by a periodontist.
Familiarity with this specialty makes it easier for you to avail of the services that are specific to your needs. Many of these procedures can be performed by a qualified dentist but extreme cases are best referred to a specialist. It is reassuring that there is a doctor that is very familiar and capable of managing your periodontal problems and that these doctors are at your disposal in the Delray Beach area.



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