Endodontist, Boca Raton - What is an Endodontist?
Endodontology is a well-recognized specialty of dentistry. Endo in Greek means “inside” and Odonto means “tooth”. Therefore an endodontist is a dentist who specializes in managing the inside of the tooth otherwise known as the tooth pulp. The services of an endodontist are readily available in Boca Raton, area.
After completing dental school, it takes another 2 to 3 years of post-graduate training and a board certification from the American Board of Endodontology to become a registered endodontist. It is reassuring to know that this specialty has a lot to offer in terms of services. These services are varied and are more often complicated compared to the usual dental cases. An example of a complicated case is the retreatment of teeth that have had root canals in the past and have persistent or recurrent problems. To understand the complexity of what these specialists handle, we can briefly describe the anatomy of the root canal. The canal, or pulp contains several soft tissues which include the nerves, blood vessels and lymphatics. Once infected, they may need to be taken out. The canal needs to be cleaned of all infected material and the decayed hard tissues of the tooth. However, the canal could also have several branches which may be small or acutely angulated. This makes it difficult to access and reach those branches and some decayed material may be left behind. The remaining decayed material may then cause a reinfection. A molar situated far back in the mouth and has assumed an abnormal position can also pose a difficult scenario. Complicated cases such as these are best handled by an endodontist.
Other services that an endodontist performs are apicoectomies where only the infected tip of the pulp is removed as well as replanting teeth that have been removed accidentally from their sockets. They also handle cases of complicated tooth and gum infections. These infections may be severe enough for local anesthetics to fail and thus necessitate the use of inhalational anesthetics. An endodontist also works on dental trauma. His services may be required in managing complicated facial injuries which involve the gums and teeth. These trauma services are usually done together with a multi-disciplinary team in a hospital setting.
All these are the services an endodontist performs. Please note that the majority of endodontology related cases are simple and can be performed by most dentists. The more severe cases, however, will need to be referred to an endodontist. These services may be performed faster since they are done by a specialist, covering a wide range of tooth problems for Boca Raton area patients.



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