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If you you might need dentures, you may be thinking about the dentures your grandmother or grandfather had.  The truth is: dentures, like dentistry, have come a long way from even ten years ago.  The good news is you have many choices and there are several different types of dentures available.
Different Types of Dentures
If you are looking for dentures in North Palm Beach, you may want to know that there are two types of dentures available: partial and complete dentures.  There is also a third choice, that being implants—implants can be used to attached full or partial dentures.  The implant is the most durable and permanent of all options, but it is also the most expensive.  Implants have a titanium screw which is placed in your jaw and eventually your jaw fuses to it through was it called osseointegration.  The implant becomes a permanent attachment in your mouth. The dentist attaches a post to the screw and fits your dentures to it.  The implant holds your dentures in place providing the closest alternative to your natural teeth.
Complete Dentures
Complete dentures come in immediate form and regular form.  In most cases, a dentist will fit you for a regular or conventional form which means you start wearing your dentures somewhere between eight and twelve weeks after any remaining teeth have been extracted.
Immediate form dentures you begin to wear as soon as your teeth are extracted.  These dentures may be temporary or permanent, but because your gums and jaw change in the weeks after an extraction, the dentist will need to make adjustments so that they fit correctly.  They usually do not fit as well as regular dentures.
Partial Dentures
Partial dentures do not replace all your teeth.  With a removable partial denture, it has a gum-like base that has the replacement teeth.  They often have metal attachments that attach to existing teeth, using those teeth to provide strength to the overall denture.  Another type of partial denture is a bridge which is fixed.  It attaches to two teeth which are on either side of the tooth/teeth that are removed.  The two teeth are fitted with crowns which then have the replacement tooth or teeth attached between them.  Partial dentures are good if you only need some teeth removed, but not all.
If you live in or near North Palm Beach and need dentures you can determine what is right for you by asking either a prosthodontist or a cosmetic dentist.  They can help you in your decision making.



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