Dental Crowns, Delray Beach - What should you do with a broken tooth?
Your teeth are extremely strong and durable, but they can fracture or break in certain situations. If you have cavities that weaken the tooth, it makes them susceptible to breaking more easily. Additionally, biting on something hard, falling, or suffering trauma to the face can also break a tooth. If you are struggling with a broken tooth in Delray Beach, dental crowns might be the answer.
Make a Dentist Appointment 
The first thing you should do when you discover you have a broken tooth, is to make an appointment with your Delray Beach cosmetic dentist. Most likely, they will want to talk to you about dental crowns, since this is a common way to treat a broken tooth. Dental crowns take only a few weeks from start to finish, then your tooth will have the image and stability it before the break.
Caring for the Broken Tooth
You may not get into your doctor’s office for dental crowns right away, so there are some things you should do at home to care for the tooth. Rinse out your mouth with warm water to clean any bacteria and place gauze on it if it is bleeding. Once the bleeding has stopped, apply a cold compress to your cheek or lips to help reduce swelling. This can also help relieve pain until you get to your dentist. Take over-the-counter pain medications as needed.
Treatment Options 
Multiple treatment options are available for a broken tooth in Delray Beach, but dental crowns are one of the most common treatments. If your tooth is not completely broken but just has a minor crack or chip, you may be able to polish and smooth out the tooth. However, for broken teeth or fractured teeth, a crown is needed. This is not just for cosmetic reasons, but because the crown helps protect your natural tooth from breaking off entirely and needing a bridge, partial denture, or dental implant. Dental crowns, when placed early enough, save your broken teeth.



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