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The next time you think, “I’ll floss tomorrow,” or the kids say, “We promise to floss in the morning,” you might want to revisit your oral healthcare strategy.

While brushing removes surface plaque, it misses up to 40% hiding between teeth! This is worrisome because plaque buildup cannot only lead to tooth decay, but also to gum disease which is linked to over 200 other diseases.

Flossing isn’t difficult, but kids may need a refresher and seniors who belong to a generation that never learned how to floss might need a lesson.  Call today to ensure your family’s regular checkups are scheduled and we’ll give everyone a flossing refresher.

With “know how”, a touch of motivation and a little self-discipline, excellent home care goes a long way to ensure a healthy smile for life.  Call today to book your family’s regular checkups.



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