Periodontal Therapy Delray Beach | Root Planing in Delray Beach
During periodontal therapy, plaque and calculus are removed and their harmful bacteria growth is controlled. In addition, gum disease is also treated. If periodontal disease is caught early enough, this may be the only type of treatment that is needed. Before periodontal therapy can begin, you may need to have certain procedures such as the replacement of worn crowns or fillings that are overhanging certain areas where plaque accumulations can occur. Learning about the techniques that are performed during Periodontal Therapy in Delray Beach is important.
Root Scaling and Planing
Root Scaling is when your dentist cleans just below the gum line. This type of cleaning removes calculus and plaque. Root planing creates a smooth surface so that supportive tissues can reattach themselves to the tooth's surface. This procedure is most often completed using a local anesthetic so patients are able to relax without feeling anything as their gums are being rehabilitated during periodontal therapy in Delray Beach.
Periodontal disease is a bacterial disease and the key to eliminating or controlling it is the effective elimination or reduction of harmful bacteria. Rather than planing or scaling the roots, some patients may benefit from use of an oral medication or a topical medication that is applied directly to the gum pocket.  There are also antibacterial mouth rinses that are available through prescription that will stave off the harmful effects of bacterial plaque.
The Bottom Line
With a clear understanding of the services available for periodontal therapy, patients have a firm understanding of why this is necessary for their oral health and overall wellbeing. Because these services are so important, it is imperative that patients ask as many questions as needed during their initial consultation.



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