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What Is a Dental Bridge?
Dental bridges are designed to fill the gap created by a missing tooth. Some bridges are designed to compensate for multiple missing teeth. Crowns are placed over the two teeth surrounding the gap where your missing tooth was once located. These teeth will serve to anchor the bridge, which sits in the space left by the missing tooth. The bridge will look just like one of your natural teeth. The goal is to fill the hole and restore your natural smile.
The false tooth, also called a pontic is most often produced from porcelain today. Once the bridge is fitted to your mouth, you can enjoy your life in Palm Beach Gardens without feeling insecure about your smile.
Who is a good candidate for a dental bridge?
If you are missing one or more teeth that lie between healthy teeth, you may be a good candidate for a dental bridge. For proper dental bridge placement, it important that the ‘good’ teeth have not begun to encroach or move into the space left by the missing teeth.
Why should I get a dental bridge?
If you lose one or more teeth, the remaining teeth will begin to shift into the space left by the missing tooth or teeth. This movement or shifting changes the way your remaining teeth perform. It can make chewing more difficult and can accelerate subsequent tooth loss. Dental bridges can prevent and correct changes to your bite, improve your ability to chew, improve any speech impediments which have developed, and prevent facial structures from collapsing, a phenomenon which can cause acceleration of the development of wrinkles, lines and folds in your face. 
Dental Bridges vs. Dental Implants
Dental technology advances a bit more each year, and dental implants are now available to replace missing teeth. While implants are typically more expensive, they do not place any pressure on the surrounding natural teeth. The implant is placed directly into the gum where you have lost a tooth and can be used to fill larger gaps where multiple teeth are missing.
If the natural teeth surrounding your missing teeth are not healthy enough to sustain a dental bridge, you may wish to consider dental implants for your Palm Beach Gardens lifestyle. Your dentist is the only professional qualified to advise you on whether a dental bridge or dental implants is best for you.



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