Dental Crowns in Palm Beach, Florida
Some dental procedures are performed to improve the appearance of your teeth while others are performed to improve their function. Application of dental crowns is a procedure that is used to improve functionality as well as appearance. 
Perfecting Your Smile with Crowns
If one or more of your teeth are discolored or misshapen, dental crowns can provide you with a fresh new smile that you will be thrilled to show off to your friends and family in Palm Beach. During a thorough consultation, your dentist will analyze the teeth that concern you, determine the health of your teeth in general, and then decide on whether or not crowns are the best dental solution.
If it is determined that crowns are an appropriate solution for your mouth, your dentist will make forms with which to design crowns perfectly fitted to your teeth. Temporary crowns are often created in the dental office and are typically made of stainless steel or acrylic. Today, permanent crowns are made in a dental laboratory and are made from one of the following:
  • Ceramic
  • Porcelain
  • Resin
The material you and your dentist select will determine how well your dental crowns blend in with your natural teeth.
Correcting Dental Problems with Crowns
There are many ways that dental crowns can be used to correct serious concerns. They may:
  • Protect weak teeth
  • Preserve the health of teeth susceptible to decay
  • Hold a cracked tooth together
  • Cover decayed teeth
  • Secure a dental bridge
While correcting the above list of dental problems, crowns also improve the appearance of your teeth. Though you may need a crown to protect a cracked tooth, you will also enjoy a prettier smile to show off as you go about your life in Palm Beach.



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