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Consider the following menu…Perfectly poached eggs, Cinnamon French Toast with warm Blueberry Preserves, Black Tea with a dash of Buckwheat Honey.  This sounds like an indulgent brunch, yet all elements contain superfoods- extremely nutrient-rich food which help prevent disease.

Eggs- Rich in Vitamin D (strengthens bones and teeth) and high in essential nutrient choline (aids heart and brain health)

Cinnamon- Anti-inflammatory (may reduce risk of gum disease) and helps control insulin levels.

Blueberries- One of the best antioxidant sources and high Vitamin C supports healthy gums.

Black Tea- Helps prevent dementia and lowers cholesterol

Honey- Anti-microbial properties (helps fight mouth and throat infections).

When combined with a varied and balanced diet, these superfoods can help you live a healthier more delicious life!



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