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If damaged, discolored or missing teeth make you hide your smile, crowns will bring back your self-confidence.  They’re durable, attractive and ideal for patients of all ages and they are very easy to care for.  Just brush, floss and have regular checkups with us!

Great options are available to suit all needs:

*Single crown- Covers an unattractive or damaged tooth, improving its strength, function, shape and color.

Bridge-Replaces one or more missing teeth with a natural-looking artificial tooth which alleviates bite stress and helps to maintain face shape.

Implant- Replaces individual or multiple teeth and it is placed into the jawbone, it arrests bone loss and provides a very long-lasting attractive non-removable option.

We are here to help you choose the restoration option that is best to improve your oral health and appearance.  Call us today to discuss your individual needs.  Isn’t it time to start enjoying your favorite food again living life to the fullest, knowing that you look as fantastic as your feel?



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