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Has it been many years since your last dental cleaning? Do you avoid visiting the dentist until you're in unbearable pain? If you find yourself steering clear of the dentist out of fear or anxiety, you are far from alone. Dental anxiety is more common than most people realize. Fact is, most people have some level of apprehension about dental care.

Sedation dentistry has allowed many patients to feel more comfortable while undergoing dental work ranging from a routine cleaning to full dental reconstruction. This technique eases the discomfort of patients who are scared of the dentist, but recognize that they need to have their teeth cleaned, get cavities filled, or undergo other dental treatments.

With sedation dentistry, you are not fully aware during the dental procedure. Many Palm Beach Gardens patients describe the experience as “dream-like.” They are finally able to relax while in the dentist's chair. You may be aware of the procedure as it occurs, but it will feel distant, and you will not feel scared by it. Afterwards, you may have no memory of the dental work.. Dental work performed with sedation is pain-free. Often, once the sedation wears off, patients experience no trace of pain.

Many people who choose sedation dentistry do so because they're fearful or anxious about visiting the dentist. Some have had traumatic dental experienced in the past; others hate the sights and sounds of the dental office. Others choose IV sedation because they have a sensitive gag reflex or have had bad experiences with local anesthesia.

Several types of sedation are available for dental work. With oral sedation – also known as conscious sedation – medications are used to make you less anxious, but you will still be able to respond both physically and verbally during the dental treatment. IV sedation is a deeper level of sedation for those who have severe dental phobias, or who are undergoing extensive dental reconstruction. Patients undergoing this form of sedation dentistry are less aware while the dental work is being performed.

Your dentist will assist you in making a sedation dentistry treatment plan based on your anxiety level, the dental work needed, your medical history, and other factors. Regardless of the type of dental work you have been avoiding, ask your Palm Beach Gardens dentist about the sedation dentistry options available to you.

Dr. Jay Ajmo is one of the few Cosmetic & Restorative dentists in South Florida Board Certified in IV Sedation.



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