Diplomate with the American Dental Implant Association: What does this mean for me?

Diplomate with the American Dental Implant Association: What does this mean for me?

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February 13, 2014

When selecting a dental implant professional, it is always important to choose a dentist with a good reputation and a high level of skill. The Diplomate designation, governed by the American Board of Implant Dentistry, symbolizes the highest level of professional achievement in the world of dental implants. Candidates must demonstrate in-depth knowledge of dental implants, including surgical, restorative, and aftercare aspects of the procedure. These are some of the most highly-trained implant dentists in the world.


The Diplomate Qualification Process

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Diplomates with the American Dental Implant Association has gone through a stringent qualification process to prove their education and skill level. The rigorous examination process prior to certification attests to the dentist's demonstrated knowledge, skill, and technical ability. Candidates must have completed dental school as well as thorough written and oral exams. They are also required to submit a series of cases (including routine examples as well as more difficult cases) and operative reports to document their skill level. This is a voluntary process undertaken by dentists who wish to prove their dental implant skills.


Why Choose a Diplomate for Your Implants?

Stuart patients who are seeking a highly qualified dentist to perform their dental implant procedure should seek a Diplomate. These dentists are specially trained in the latest dental implant techniques. Patients seeking a healthy-looking smile using the best tooth restoration method for their unique situation should choose the best-qualified dentist in their area. The Diplomate credential is your assurance that the dentist has the education, training, and experience needed to provide quality implant dentistry.


Specialized Training

Don't select just any dentist for your implants. Instead, look for one who has chosen to focus on dental implants. These specialized skills enable the dentist to accurately plan the implant procedure for your unique situation. A dentist who performs dental implant procedures day in and day out will be more skilled at this technique than dentists who perform a broader range of services. The Diplomate program of the American Dental Implant Association is one tool available to help you gauge a dentist's skill level.

You deserve to be in the best hands possible when receiving dental implants. For this reason, choosing a Diplomate recognized by the American Board of Implant Dentistry is essential. In fact, finding a qualified dentist in Stuart is among the most important decisions you will make in the weeks leading up to receiving dental implants. If you're searching for a highly skilled implant dentist, look for a Diplomate like Dr. Jay Ajmo.

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