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Many people find that their teeth have become yellowed or stained over the years. Especially if they drink a lot of coffee or smoke cigarettes. This yellowed appearance is caused by stains on the enamel, or outer surface of the teeth. If you wish that you had truly pearly whites, consider teeth whitening. Today, there are many options available, from an at-home whitening kit to treatments performed in a dental office.

At-home tooth whitening kits contain peroxide, which serves to bleach the enamel. This gel is spread onto a tray which is then placed in the mouth. How quickly the kit works depends on the peroxide concentration; most are between 10% and 22%. Lower percentages are safer, especially for those with sensitive gums or teeth, but take longer to produce visible results. Another form of at-home whitener, known as teeth-whitening strips, contains an even lower concentration of whitening solution in strips that can be stuck to the teeth.

There are downsides to at-home whitening solutions. Generally, an at-home system offers a lower-concentration bleaching gel than those available through your dentist's office, and the trays and strips in the kit are not custom-fit, so the gel is more likely to touch your gums, causing irritation. In addition, if you are planning to use an at-home teeth whitener, talk to your dentist first to ensure that your gums and teeth are healthy enough. If you have untreated dental issues or sensitive teeth, take care of this first before attempting whitening.

Another whitening option involves a visit to your dentist. In-office teeth bleaching takes about an hour, and offers immediate results. There are several options available for Teeth Whitening in Jupiter. The dentist may used a peroxide-based gel, at a higher concentration than that available with at-home kits, activated with a special light. Teeth whitening may also be performed using a laser energy device which penetrates the tooth enamel to remove deeper stains.

Your dentist can also provide an at-home solution for whitening. Custom-fit whitening trays are worn overnight or a few hours a day with a whitening gel provided by your dentist's office. It usually takes three to ten days of use to see visible whitening with this method.

Your teeth do not have to be significantly stained for teeth whitening to be effective. Because the effect of staining is gradual, many people in Jupiter don't even realize how stained their teeth are until they undergo a whitening treatment. These effective teeth whitening treatments can create a bright white smile, often dramatically impacting your facial appearance. After undergoing teeth whitening, you may find yourself smiling more often to show off your newly whitened teeth.



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