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Make no mistake- crowns do rejuvenate smiles.  Although the primary purpose of a dental crown is to protect and strengthen teeth, you'll love your improved great looks too!
Crowns are an attractive time-tested option for teeth that have been severely damaged or weakened by trauma, root canal treatment or too much filling. They can also support bridges that fill gaps and be attached to dental implants to rebuild and enhance your smile.
Crowns have come such a long way from the all-metal originals, through porcelain fused to metal and finally to all-ceramic or all-porcelain.  Today, replacing outdated crowns is a surefire way to take years off your appearance.
Type of Crown: All-metal
Benefits:  Often made of gold (which is strong and long-lasting and will not wear down opposing teeth), they can also be made of less-expensive metals or a mix of gold and alloy.
Type of Crown: Porcelain Fused to Metal
Benefits: Porcelain creates a more natural look than all-metal crowns and though the metal limits translucency, it adds strength, which is particularly useful at the back of the mouth.
Type of Crown: All-Ceramic or All-Porcelain
Benefits: Translucent porcelain with opalescence looks the closest to natural teeth enamel, will not wear down opposing teeth, and there are not tell-tale dark metal margins at the gumline as sometimes occurs with porcelain fused to metal. These crowns are strong, long-lasting and youthful looking.



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