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Every tooth has a job, whether it’s chewing, grinding or slicing…and every tooth has the duty of keeping its neighbors neatly aligned. When you have damaged or missing teeth, this entire orchestration is thrown off kilter, introducing bite issues, jaw pain and even eating difficulties.  In addition, self-esteem is almost always affected. 

There is help.  Crowns will make your smile whole and quite possibly even more beautiful than before! It’s time to enjoy life again, savor the foods you love and put your best smile forward!

Crowns: Covering an existing decayed, damaged or misshapen tooth, crowns strengthen, hide or enhance while complementing your smile with the perfect color, shape and size.

Crowns with Bridges: Permanent bridges add additional support and security to crowns which replace one or more missing teeth. They fill in gaps, helps maintain your face shape and alleviate stress in your bite.

Crowns with Implants: Implants are artificial roots that anchor individual crowns.  Implants help arrest bone loss immediately below the missing tooth, helping to maintain a fuller more youthful face shape.

You don’t have to live with damaged or missing teeth. Regain the beauty and function of your smile, and take a big healthy bite out of life! We’re here to help you, so call us today!



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