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A clean mouth looks healthy and feels terrific.  Regular cleanings and a good home hygiene regimen are important for health teeth and gums, but they also do wonders for your breath. 

If you’re concerned about your breath, we can help.  Visit us at least twice a year for professional cleanings and checkups.  We can detect and treat infection, dry mouth or other issues that may be causing odor.  At home, you can maintain your fresh smile between dental visits by…

*Brushing and flossing regularly

*Brushing your tongue and roof of your mouth

*Replacing your toothbrush every two months

*Using saliva-producing sugarless gum or candies

*Drinking plenty of water.

If you’re concerned about your breath, let us know.  We can help identify the cause and develop a treatment plan to help you.  Regular dental visits are your best defense against bad breath.



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