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Does the appearance of your gums keep you from smiling?  You’ll be glad to hear that some of the most common gum problems are preventable, treatable and even some reversible!

If your smile shows too much gum, not enough or your gums are simply not looking their healthiest, there are solutions…

Gummy smile- If you were born with a gummy smile, gum sculpting can expose more tooth surface, giving your smile more pleasing proportions!

Receding Gums- Whether caused by tooth brushing or gum disease, a tissue graft can help prevent further recession and bone loss, cover roots and reduce sensitivity.  Receding gums require professional attention.

Swollen and/or bleeding gums- If your gums are inflamed, they should be examined for gum disease.  You will respond better to treatment if the disease is caught sooner, rather than later.

Gum disease can be prevented by a good brushing and flossing regimen and regular dental checkups.  If it’s already present or advanced, it can be very effectively treated to prevent further damage.

For the sake of your health and your smile, take good care of your gums!



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