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Science is exploring the use of breath, saliva and blood samples from your mouth to establish your risk for some cancers, diabetes and other health issues.  This illustrates how your oral health is intricately and importantly linked to the rest of your body.  You can see that maintaining gum health can help you sustain your overall well being as well as avoiding tooth loss, the great smile spoiler.

Here are 3 helpful tips…

How it starts- Normal bacteria creates a film called plaque on your teeth- you can feel this.  If it builds up and hardens, your gums become inflamed and can eventually pull away from the tooth, leading to tooth loss and other health issues.

What to look for- If you still have a sticky film on your teeth after brushing, you could need some instruction. Or if flossing is becoming a challenge, hardened plaque may be building up.  Gums that are swollen or bleeding are another sign that you may have gum disease.

What to do about it- Although daily brushing and flossing is the best prevention, dental visits can ensure that you have no plaque buildup.  Since gum disease is easily treatable and can be reversed, especially when caught early, it’s important to see us regularly!




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