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Whether you invested in restorations to keep your mouth healthy, to improve your bite, to look and feel more attractive or all of the above, if they’re badly worn or damaged they may be letting you down.

Ask yourself…

*Do they affect my bite or do I avoid them while chewing?

*Do they look worn or do they age my smile?

*Do they cause pain, bleeding or a funny taste?

*Are they damaged or discolored?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you should have your restorations examined.  Worn or ill-fitting dental work not only looks less attractive, but it can allow harmful bacteria to seep into unreachable spaces, leading to decay and gum disease.

Consider the following…

*Fillings last many years, but if their seal is compromised, the tooth is at risk for decay.

*Veneers are strong but misuse can cause chips.

*Bonding is very durable, but can discolor.

*Crowns are strong, but do wear down and can allow decay to attack the teeth beneath them.

*Bridges can withstand a great deal of force, but ill-fitting ones can lead to gum pain, sores and disease.

Waiting to replace restorations can harm your teeth, gums and bite- as well as your looks.  We can provide beautiful lasting restorations that fit your smile and your lifestyle perfectly!  Call for your consultation today!



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