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Did you know that gum disease can affect up to 75% of us in our lifetime? In fact, studies show that 30% of us may actually be genetically predisposed to developing it.

Often caused by inadequate oral hygiene, gum disease can progress to periodontitis, a chronic infection of the gums.  Because it can advance without symptoms, it is sometimes called the “silent disease.” Why is this cause for concern?  It’s suspected that periodontal disease sets off the body’s inflammatory response and can exacerbate symptoms of other serious inflammatory diseases.  This is why you shouldn’t miss regular checkups during which we can monitor your oral health effectively.  If you’re expecting or thinking of becoming pregnant, check in with us as gum disease has been linked to pregnancy complications such as premature birth.

Are you at high risk? You may be if you have any of these conditions:

*heart disease



*respiratory disease


*rheumatoid arthritis


Warning signs can include red swollen bleeding gums, bad breath and loose teeth…or nothing at all!

It’s essential that you practice good home care and visit us for regular checkups.  Call us today.  We’re here to help take care of your overall health as well as your smile!



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