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Your smile is your personal calling card. It can help or hinder our interactions.  Whether you’re entering the workforce, climbing the corporate ladder or returning after a leave, a healthy confident smile can make you look and feel competent and accomplished. 

There are many options to improve your smile’s impact-correcting imperfections, closing gaps and achieving a straighter-looking smile without braces.

*Bonding uses a budget-friendly tooth-colored resin to repair and reshape decayed, damaged or discolored teeth and even fills small spaces between teeth.

*Veneers cover the front surface of teeth to straighten, reshape and improve color with a beautiful layer of porcelain.

*Gum Sculpting evens out gumlines by exposing more of the tooth crown, making a previously gummy smile gorgeous.

*Bridges, coupled with crowns, replace missing teeth with attractive replacements.

*Implants serve as anchors for beautiful replacement crowns.

No matter your budget, there are many great options to help perfect your smile.  And if you need a quick and affordable pick-me-up for a special meeting, a professional cleaning or whitening will brighten your teeth, boost your confidence and help you make a winning impression!



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