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Whether young, old or somewhere in between, things do happen that can damage your smile.  Probably the most devastating to appearance, self-esteem and lifestyle, is the loss of teeth.  Whether caused by sports injuries, wear and tear, or gum disease, missing teeth do need to be replaced to prevent a myriad of other issues down the road.

The good news is that modern crowns and bridges look, feel and function just like natural teeth.  They’re durable and easy to care for, plus they’re definitely more attractive than gaps in your smile!

Benefits of crowns- Shaped and colored like natural teeth, crowns cover decayed or damaged teeth or replace lost teeth.  When secured by an implant, jawbone loss (which occurs when teeth are lost) is arrested.

Benefits of bridges-  Usually attached to your existing teeth, bridges support the replacement of one or more missing teeth with beautiful and durable artificial teeth.  They alleviate stress in your bite and prevent shifting of teeth adjacent to the gap.

No matter what your age, crowns and bridges can improve your quality of life.  They restore your natural bite, preserve the shape of your face, make you look and feel attractive and allow you to enjoy all the food and activities you love!  Call us today and let’s discuss what’s best for you!



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