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You know that sunken look around the mouth and cheeks that you associate with ageing?  That isn’t inevitable, and often, it isn’t even necessary.  When teeth are lost, there is also a loss of jawbone so that surrounding teeth shift, resulting in a lack of support to the cheeks and lips.  This can create lines around the mouth.  Dental implants can save your bone structure which helps you to avoid premature facial changes.

What a dental implant is…A dental implant has two parts: a root made of biocompatible metal and a custom-made tooth crown which is attached to it.

How it works..

The root is anchored permanently in your jawbone, preventing future bone loss.

The crown does not rely on other teeth for support and doesn’t affect surrounding healthy teeth.

An implant can replace one tooth or two, or the teeth in an entire jaw.

Implants can anchor dentures to prevent shifting and can replace partial denture and bridgework.

Multiple implants and implant-supported dentures require no plates that cover the roof of your mouth.

What you can do…Consider safe reliable easy-care and natural-looking dental implants and call us for a consultation!



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