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There’s nothing quite like worn-down teeth and ageing, restorations for wiping the smile off your face. Yet these are the problems that sneak up on everybody, even those who take excellent care of their oral health.  Teeth grinding, clenching, temporomandibular disorder (TMD), along with fillings and other restorations that have worn out their welcome, can age your smile and put a dent in your style!

Do any of these sound like you? You have a tooth that is:

*damaged by decay or wear

*crumbling because there is more old filling than tooth

*fractured or chipped, threatening its structural integrity

*discolored by decay or silver-colored fillings

*showing signs of root canal treatment

If you said yes even once, don’t worry any more.  These types of smile flaws are usually easier to put right than you might think…

*Beautiful natural-looking white porcelain inlays and onlays can replace worn silver-colored or stained fillings.

*Crowns, bridges and dental implants provide strength as well as beauty.

*Bonding and veneers can whiten, re-contour, disguise minor flaws, strengthen and restore symmetry.

Please don’t let your smile bring you down. Some of these most popular solutions take only one or two visits!



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