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Do you get a little nervous when you think about visiting the dentist? Fear keeps millions of North Americans from seeking proper preventive care.  But there’s not need to be afraid.  Rest assured that dentistry is more comfortable than ever before…and we’re on your side!  Here are 5 tips to help calm your fears.

1.       Practice relaxation techniques before and during your visit.  Breathe slowly. Meditate.

2.       Bring company. Select a soothing companion.

3.       Take it step-by-step.  Schedule a shorter appointment rather than a long one or talk to us about Oral Conscious Sedation or IV sedation, we have many options for you.

4.       Distract yourself.  Listen to calming music.

5.       Share your fear. An informed dental team can adapt treatment to your needs and, if needed, can offer relaxing sedation options.

We are specially trained to care for fearful patients.  Drop by to discuss how we can make dental visits more comfortable for you and your family!



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