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If you want brighter teeth in photos- no doubt there are good apps for that, but you’d have to fix every picture.  And what about those candid cell phone shots that you have no access to?  Here are 5 ways you can get the real deal and never worry about retouching again.

1.       If your teeth are a little dingy, or a lot, get them whitened and say goodbye to stains from food, beverages, nicotine, root canal treatments and age!

2.       If your smile is looking a little dated from stained or silver-colored fillings, consider virtually invisible white fillings and tooth-colored porcelain inlays.

3.       If your teeth are chipped, cracked or have slight spaces, consider tooth-colored bonding materials to cover up these flaws.

4.       Porcelain veneers which are ultra-thin, hand-sculpted shells that cover the front surface of teeth are another excellent natural-looking option.

5.       If your teeth have been weakened by clenching, grinding, decay or root canal therapy, natural-looking crowns will restore appearance and function.

Many of these techniques take only a visit or two…so let’s rescue even those teeth you may forget about-at the back of your mouth and along your lower arch!



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