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Older fillings, bridgework and dentures that have been allowed to deteriorate can affect more than your appearance.  Unsightly staining is embarrassing, sure, but a change in how they fit may lead to pain, infection, chewing and speaking difficulty, plus unwelcome odor.  That’s why regular dental visits to monitor restoration are essential.  Exciting new materials and procedures are available to give you a healthy young-looking smile.

Dentures & Bridgework

Issues: Older dentures and bridges can lose their fit, wobble and rub on your gums because you are losing the supporting bone beneath.  This gradual, continuous loss of jawbone begins as soon as the teeth are removed.

Options: While modern properly-fitted dentures are comfortable and function beautifully, you may want to consider securely anchored implant-supported dentures.  The dental implants act as artificial roots to stop bone loss surrounding their placement.  A bridge can also be replaced by an implant-supported bridge that looks, feels and functions like your natural teeth.

 Fillings & Bonding

Issues: In addition to being unsightly and sometimes staining your natural enamel, silver-colored fillings can allow bacteria to seep beneath the filling if allowed to break down, causing havoc on healthy tooth structure.

Options: Try tooth-colored porcelain or resin fillings which require the removal of less enamel than silver-colored amalgam, strengthen tooth structure and look more appealing.



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