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Let’s face it- all mature adults experience the effect of gravity and a life well-lived on their appearance.  Though when teeth are missing, the bite and facial structure can alter, exaggerating signs of normal ageing and creating a sunken aged appearance.  You may be surprised to learn that dental implants, which were invented as a permanent way to replace teeth and to avoid bone loss, actually have a cosmetic benefit and can even prevent the need for a surgical facelift.

Implants have two parts: a root made of biocompatible metal and a custom-made enamel tooth crown which is attached to it.  Here’s how they can help save your oral health and appearance…

*Immediate placement after tooth loss can save supporting bone, adjacent teeth, and your great looking smile.

*Implants can be an attractive alternative to a denture or bridge.

*An implant-supported bridge can be used when more than one tooth is missing to provide greater stability and save underlying bone.

 *An implant-supported denture can solve the problems of eating, speaking, and socializing associated with wobbly fitting dentures and permanently removes the need for adhesives.

We are committed to helping you prevent tooth loss, but when the need arises, we’ll be happy to discuss whether implants are a suitable option for you.  Not only can they save your looks- they look and feel natural too!




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