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Your teeth are miracles of engineering designed for biting and mastication.  They’re also for smiling.  That’s as multi-purpose as you should get with them.  Although your teeth are strong, over your lifetime they are subject to natural micro-wear which can cause a multitude of problems like receding gums, enamel loss, cavities and gum disease, so why rush the process?  If you have any of these habits, it’s probably past time to book an appointment.

Habits that will crack or chip your teeth or injure gums…

*Tearing packages open, pulling tags off clothes, undoing knots, cracking nuts, chewing ice, cutting through string, opening  bottles

*Using things like toothpicks, earring posts, scissors, needles, cardboard and lollipop sticks instead of floss

*Clenching and/or grinding teeth

Habits that will lead to enamel loss and encourage cavities….

*Sucking on lemons and other acidic fruit, as well as drinking juices, power drinks, and smoothies

*Brushing immediately after drinking juice which weakens tooth enamel, excessive scrubbing, brushing from side-to-side or up-and-down instead of circularly.

Habits that will lead to cavities, gum disease and problems with your general health…

*Not brushing regularly

*Not flossing daily

*Indulging your sweet tooth

*Avoiding dental recall visits and professional cleaning.



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