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Are damaged or missing teeth affecting your smile and self-confidence?  Today, we are fortunate to have cosmetic and restoration options that look fantastic and perform just like our natural teeth.  Crowns and veneers both offer beautiful lasting results and a reinvigorated smile!

CROWNS cover decayed, damaged or weak teeth, restoring them to an appealing shape, size, strength and color.

Benefits of crowns?  They can be used to:

*Cover discolored teeth

*Reconfigure misshapen or misaligned teeth

*Give new strength and integrity to teeth that are mostly filling material

*Cover and reinforce broken or cracked teeth.

VENEERS are thin custom-made molding that cover- or disguise, if you will- the fronts of unsightly teeth.  They look completely natural, yet veneers have been scientifically created for strength and durability and can be sculptured to re-proportion your smile.

Benefits of veneers?  They can be used to:

*Camouflage unattractive gaps between teeth

*Add length to worn down teeth

*Straighten the appearance of your teeth without braces

*Create a uniform color, shape and symmetry

With proper care, including flossing, brushing and regular dental visits, crowns and veneers can restore your smile and give you a healthy long-lasting new look.  Enjoy social activities and your favorite foods with renewed confidence, knowing that you look as fantastic as you feel!



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