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To repair damage to a tooth that is missing a portion of the actual tooth structure, Dr Ajmo might place an inlay or onlay instead of a filling or crown. This is usually done to repair the tooth’s biting surface.

An inlay is made very similar to a filling as it lies in the cusps (biting surface) of the tooth. They are custom made in the lab and then cemented at your second visit with Dr. Ajmo.

An onlay is a larger, more extensive covering that lies over one or more cusps of the tooth structure. An onlay is a required when a cavity goes deeper than a larger filling or restoration but is not indicative of a crown. The onlay will also be cemented at a second visit w/ Dr Ajmo.

Onlays and inlays are similar to a filling but they are stronger and much much more  durable. To care for an inlay or onlay, you only need to see your qualified dental hygienist for your regular routine visits




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