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Are you interviewing for a new job or promotion? Eye contact and a healthy assured smile can make you appear confident and accomplished…even when you might feel a little shaky.  We can’t overrate the importance of maintaining health gums with a good oral hygiene routine, including brushing and flowing regularly, and a professional cleaning every six months or so.

But what if your smile has imperfections? We can discuss one or a combination of these cosmetic options with you…

·         BRIGHTEN your smile and eliminate stain with popular and very affordable whitening

·         MASK SMILE FLAWS like chips, fractures or discolored teeth with natural-looking enamel-colored bonding materials.

·         EVEN OUT AND RE-PROPORTION your gum line with gum contouring.

·         RESTORE shape, strength and color of damaged teeth with metal-free inlays, onlays and crowns matched to your teeth enamel.

·         CAMOUFLAGE gaps, uneven or overlapping teeth, word down teeth, receding gums, unattractive stains with veneers of natural-looking porcelain or bonding materials.

·         REPLACE one missing tooth (or many) with a crown & bridge, implant or an implant-supported bridge.

·         ENERGIZE your smile and replace old silver-colored fillings with white ones.

Your smile has the power to “make it or break it”.  Whether you require a simple cleaning and whitening, or more extensive care, we can help you to make an absolutely winning first impression.  Call us today!



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